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Never Forget
A Hand Again!

Never Forget
A Hand Again!

The First Multi-game
Poker Hand Recording App
That lets you store, share, and analyze all of your poker hands AND even get feedback DIRECTLY from the pros! Easily share your played hands with your friends and poker groups by providing a comprehensive overview of the entire hand.
With Poker Elephant, you can take notes on every specific action of the hand and create a detailed summary to help you remember all the relevant information you need to improve your game for future sessions!

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Current games are:
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Want to know if you played it well?
Want to know how you could improve?

Allen Kessler

Ask A Pro! Submit your hand to the notorious Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler. Want to run through competitors, and want to know how you can improve and how to take your poker game to the next level? Allen is one of the best at understanding the game and passing on his expertise. Ranked 10th all time with over 300 tournament cashes and has nearly $4million in career earnings. Allen is one of the best at understanding the game and passing on his expertise. You will receive in-depth feedback for any hand you have played. Send it over to him take advantage of his expertise!

Melanie Weisner

Ask A Pro! Submit your hand to one of the most accomplished female poker players of all time with over 30 WSOP cashes, Melanie Weisner! Find out the solutions to your poker conundrums straight from the pro’s mouth. You’ll receive in-depth feedback that can help you take your game to the next level by increasing your knowledge and understanding of the game.

Never Forget
A Hand Again!

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